Hi, Hello, Bonjour

What do you say in greeting on the trails? Am I the only person that thinks way too much about how to greet people? I admit it, I’m a Hi person myself. Though, when you are greeted by Bonjour and your reply is Hi…it just falls a little flat. My plan is to use Hello, but it feels a little too pretentious coming out of my mouth. Maybe I’m overthinking things, but I feel that Hi says to others that I am as I appear: a dirty, sweaty girl struggling up a mountain. Hello, in my opinion, says Hey, she looks bad right now, but I bet she cleans up well!

This is why I try for Hello. Though, what if they say Hello first? Now I feel like I’m mocking them, or at the very least, copying them… Doesn’t work – I end up going back to Hi. I’ve been back and forth with this for about a year now, but after Sunday’s hike, I have a new twist. I was greeted with Hi There. Oh my holy adorable! There is no way I can say that without feeling like I sound like a fool….just not natural for me at all! But, the Hi There people are definitely my new favorite people…it makes you feel like you’re friends already. Love it! And I’m really glad I don’t have to figure out how to say Bye!